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Curriculum ProvisionNursery Children


In the Foundation Stage the children follow the stepping stones programme to develop their abilities towards a range of Early Learning Goals.  The seven areas of learning develop personal, social and emotional skills, physical development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics and understanding the world.




Numeracy KS2


Then this feeds into the National Curriculum where the children in KS1 and KS2 follow the Literacy and Numeracy strategies as a part of the Primary framework.  This consists of the Core Subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science and the foundation subjects which are Information Technology, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education, Religious Education alongside Personal, Social and Health Educations and Citizenship.





ICT room



Literacy and Numeracy is taught daily and the other subject areas are taught weekly or in blocked units of work.  Each unit follows a similar structure with the learning objective and success criteria explained to the children.  There is always addition help in all the classrooms for Literacy and Numeracy and many of the Foundation Subjects.







There is a strong inclusive ethos in the school.  At Northside we aim to provide an educational environment in which all children thrive regardless of ability, disability, gender, social background or ethnicity.  We excel in supporting children with special educational needs.


 Overarching Creative Arts Policy

At Northside School we believe that the Arts encompass a wide range of subject areas and disciplines including Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design.  The Arts at our school means providing our pupils not only with the opportunity to learn about and participate in each of these areas, but also providing them with the platform from which to be creative, to express themselves, find success and share these experiences, talents and abilities through performances. 

The Creative Arts programme at our school stimulates pupil creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile, physical and sensory experiences which can often be a rich and powerful way of understanding and responding to the world. These experiences will be acquired in a number of ways – through the arts curriculum, extra curricular sessions, sharing and celebrating achievements and visits and partnerships with organisations outside school. By introducing a creative curriculum across the school it has ensured that cross curricular and cross art form links are made.   

Through the arts children learn to make informed value judgements and aesthetic and practical decisions, becoming actively involved in the arts can help to develop confidence, self esteem and self awareness. Every child at Northside Primary School is entitled to and provided with a wide range of high quality experiences of the arts, whatever their background or ability.We are able to provide a number of ICT led arts activities within the school as we have a selection of technology which allows the children to explore this area. KS2 children have the opportunity to participate in film makers club where they are able to make, edit and produce their own film which is screened at a local cinema. As part of the Literacy curriculum the children are taught a film unit in which they are able to use this technology again to create their own film. Children have access to digital cameras, video cameras, tape recorders, microphones, CD players and various music and art software.

Artistic experiences and expression help to enrich and support children’s learning across the curriculum and we aim to encourage and promote understanding of the culturally diverse community which we are a part of and allow each child to explore and extend their individual creativity to reach their full potential. 


 Our School Timetable




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