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At Northside School we provide opportunities for children to lead healthy active lives though an inspiring, high quality curriculum, enabling children to fulfil their full potential.
We are committed to ensuring that all children, irrespective of gender, race, colour, religion, language or ability, gain equal access to the curriculum by identifying and overcoming possible barriers to participation in P.E.

The curriculum
All children experience a progressive and comprehensive P.E. curriculum, based on the P.E curriculum map, which include the following areas:
Games – (invasion, striking & fielding, net & wall)
Outdoor and adventurous activities
Fitness and healthy lifestyle activities
Daily Physical Activity
Early Years Foundation Stage to follow the “Physical Development” objectives set out in the Early Years Curriculum.

Time allocation
Each child receives their full entitlement to their two hours of Physical Education (excluding Nursery). See below for details of activities included:
One session is indoor (following either a dance or gymnastic unit of work)
One session is outdoor (following either games/athletics or Fitness and Healthy lifestyle  activities)
Outdoor / adventurous activities are provided through activities such as orienteering and residential trips in year 6.
Swimming is taught in years 5 once a week.

Extra-curricular activities
In addition to curricular activities, Northside provides an extensive list of clubs each day ranging from football to archery, all boosting sporting participation across all Key Stages.
Children in Year 5 have the opportunity to undergo the cycling proficiency award ‘Bikeability’, which provides participants with the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.


PE curriculum content overview for key stage 1

PE curriculum content overview for key stage 2


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PE National Curriculum 2014