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We strive for all pupils to be able to choose and use ICT creatively in all areas of the curriculum enabling them to see the relavance of ICT in everyday life. 

   Our aims are:

  • To provide a progressive and systematic ICT curriculum from which, the pupils benefit from high quality teaching and learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • To teach children how to use ICT safely and responsibly.
  • To give all pupils opportunities to develop high-level skills in ICT so they are confident and competent users of technology and online resources
  • For pupils to enjoy using ICT to raise attainment in all subjects and develop flexible learning strategies.
  • For children to have access to a range of ICT resources including emerging technologies.


With the change in the National Curriculum this year, the main compondent of the computing curricululum is Computer Science and Programming. This is a change in the priorities for the subject and so we will see the children become confident programmers as they move through the school. These computing skills will be taught through discreet lessons to ensure children are being taught the skills effectively. 


The creative use of ICT will continue to form an important part of our curriculum including use of cameras, videos, paint programs and word processing programs. These elements will be integrated into our curriculum so the children are provided with opportunities to embed their skills across the curriculum. 


Esafety and Digital Literacy is a vital part of the Computing curriculum espessially with the changing digital world.




Computing curriculum content overview for all year groups


For more information

Computing National Curriculum 2014