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Children learn about their local area and compare their life in this area with that in other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. They learn how to draw and interpret maps and they develop the skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography and their own experiences they gain an appreciation of life in other cultures. Geography is taught through the creative curriculum where children’s learning is linked across a common theme incorporating all other areas of learning.


Our aims

  • To enable children to gain knowledge and understanding of places in the world.
  • To explore geography through the diversity of our school and draw upon the experiences and cultures, respecting the significance and variety of people’s beliefs, attitudes and values.
  • To increase children’s knowledge of other cultures and, in so doing, teach a respect and understanding of what it means to be a positive citizen in a multi-cultural country.
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding about physical and human processes, and the changes that are brought about.
  • To allow children to learn graphic skills, including how to use, draw and interpret maps.
  • To enable children to know and understand environmental problems at a local, regional and global level.
  • To develop a variety of other skills, including those of enquiry, problem solving, ICT, team work, investigation and how to present their conclusions in the most appropriate way.
  • To link with other subjects through the creative curriculum.


Fieldwork is integral to good geography teaching and we include as many opportunities as we can to involve children in practical geographical research and enquiry in the local area. 


In the Foundation stage and at Key Stage 1 all the children carry out an investigation into the local environment and we give them opportunities to observe and record information around the school site and local area. At Key Stage 2 the children do a study of the local area. We also offer the opportunity to take part in a residential visit where fieldwork is carried out in year 6.


In Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage

Geography focuses on the investigation of the children’s immediate environment.  It provides the foundation for a developing awareness of the local area and country in which they live and the world beyond.


In Key Stage 2

Geographical studies are set out in a wider context, exploring and beginning to explain the processes that create and influence the physical and human features of the Earth.  The relationships between places and patterns of activity from the use people make of the environment are investigated. 


Geography curriculum content overview for all year groups


For more information:

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