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We aim to prepare children for participation in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies.  Design and technology at Northside Primary School will provide children with the tools to deal with problems they meet in everyday life.  
Northside Primary School meets the requirements of the National Curriculum in Design and Technology by providing a balanced programme where children have experiences involving structures, mechanisms, food technology, materials /textiles.  Tasks are wide ranging, from organising a fund-raising event to investigating simple mechanisms, but all support our individualised creative curriculum.

To develop creative thinking.
To provide a relevant & challenging enjoyable D&T curriculum
To ensure continuity and progression of skills and knowledge as children progress through the school.  
To link other curriculum areas to and develop through D & T, particularly language, science, history, maths ICT and art and support our creative curriculum approach.  
To provide opportunities for co-operative working. Children will develop skills of cooperation and communication by working in a team situation.
To give children opportunities to work independently and develop their organisational and presentation skills.
  To encourage children to investigate and use a variety of materials with economy.
To use a practical, problem-solving approach to tasks, the children will develop a range of skills around the design process (investigate, design, model, refine, make, test and evaluate). 
To work on collaboration with the local secondary schools to further develop D&T skills & the children’s experiences

DT at Northside will: 
- be relevant to children’s understanding and promote thinking around issues such as target audience, marketing and usefulness.
-Teach children how to use various tools appropriately.  
-follow the National curriculum objectives to ensure full coverage and appropriate progression of skills. 

DT curriculum content overview for all year groups

For more information:

DT National Curriculum 2014